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Met With A Construction Accident? Read This!!


Construction sites are places where accidents are very common. In most cases, the reason will be workplaces not having the proper safety standards. If the injuries are serious, then you will be bed-ridden for next few weeks or months. You may get compensation from the company you work for. But that will not be sufficient to meet your needs. In such cases, you may need to take the help of a construction accident attorney. See what new york construction accident lawyer says about the increasing number of construction accidents.

As per Nolo.com, the right attorney can get you the compensation that you deserve. You should be aware of certain facts beforehand so that you can deal with such unfortunate occurrences wisely. Here are some important details to help you.

A recent study by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has found a steady rise in the number of construction accidents. According to them, the resulting injuries can be classified into four main categories.
· Falls.
· Being smacked by dangerous objects.
· Getting trapped in or between machines and other objects.
· Electrocutions.

In case if any of the above occur, here are the things you must do

Take medical treatment urgently
It goes without saying that severe accidents must require immediate medical attention. Even if the accident is not so fatal with only a few minor injuries, it is better to get medical treatment. The reason is that if a medical professional examines and records your injuries, it will add value to your case.

Notify employers
An initial report of the accident is a must while filing claims for financial compensation. So you must notify your supervisor or HR representative about the accident and the injuries that have happened to you even if they are minor. In the moments just after the accident, you may be in shock or pain. But as soon as you regain your composure back you should do this.

Be aware of your compensation rights as a worker
Employee’s insurance policy which covers workers’ compensation is implemented in all the states. Thus each and every employee has the right to receive compensation.

If the reason for the accident is not workplace safety but something else like faulty or defective machines or tools, then workers can claim for compensation from such third parties as well by filing a personal injury claim against the responsible manufacturer.

Your supervisors will be able to help you with the details related to the workers’ compensation and any third party details if applicable. You should make sure not to sign any settlement papers offered by the employee before checking with an attorney.

The role of an attorney
If a third party such as a defective manufacturing company is involved, an attorney can help you file a third-party claim. You will have to hand over the required documents and evidence to your attorney, negotiate with the third party for settlement and should also attend a trial in necessary cases.

A good attorney can help you in the right way and ensure that you get the deserving justice.